Mtv Europe (mtve) wrote,
Mtv Europe

I have a very simple sigtran stack SCTP/M3UA/SCCP/TCAP/GSM-MAP, written in perl.

Here is except from the doc:

  • some highlights:
    • HLR emulation to answer sendRoutingInfoForSM
    • SMS proxying MT back to MO (TBD)
    • 1000 lines of code
  • requirements:
    • activestate perl
    • Win32::NetPacket module by Jean-Louis Morel <>
      ppm install
    • windows firewall enabled, should be no icmp on sctp from windows itself
  • restrictions:
    • windows only, because of Win32::NetPacket::SendPacket, parsing of `ping` and `route` etc
    • ip: no options, no fragmentation
    • sctp: one ip to one ip only, originator side only, lack of many checks
    • m3ua: main features only
    • sccp: UDT only
    • tcap: own ASN.1 parser without extended tags
  • credits:
    • inspired by vig_splitter, 07/2004 from
    • some code ripped from NetPacket::IP by Chander Ganesan <>, Tim Potter <>, Stephanie Wehner <>
    • crc32 is from Compress::Zlib::Perl by Nicholas Clark <>, code by Ton Hospel
    • dynamips is wonderful pease of software by Christophe Fillot

Interesting? Need some features?

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